Hold the Cheese, Please.

At greatime, we understand that you’re putting the heart of your event in the hands of our djs. That’s why we work with only the finest entertainers in Colorado, state-of-the-art sound systems, and a library of hundreds of thousands of songs. What’s more, we believe that cheese belongs on the appetizer table, not in our djs’ performances! So you can feel confident that your event will be a reflection of you: always fresh, never scripted…and never, ever cheesy.

Erik Vienneau
Owner/operator Erik has entertained at weddings and parties since the age of 15. "I listen to each client and create the party they've been dreaming of," he says. "To me, entertaining is the art of creating incredible energy and fun in line with the client's vision."
Fred Hammond
Owner/operator Fred has more music in his collection than most music stores. A master of combining music from every decade, Fred has an amazing ability to read a crowd out on the dance floor. He prides himself on always playing crowd-pleasing music that is also eclectic and not the same music you’ve heard at every other wedding you’ve been to.
Andy Maroney
Andy does things the "right" way…NO inflatable instruments…NO enforced line dancing…NO obnoxious announcer voice making tasteless remarks…just great, high-quality music and a personal touch with a party attitude.
Bob Bridges
Bob is a popular radio personality at KCMV Radio, the largest station in the mountains. A greatime dj since 2001, Bob is easy to work with, has a great personality and provides exactly the evening of entertainment guests are looking for.
Derek Russo
Derek Russo has been DJ’ing at parties and events since 2002. He has DJ’ed hundreds of events from large wedding receptions all over Colorado, sold out clubs, art gallery openings, and even had his own radio show while living in Queenstown, New Zealand.
DJ Daboco (aka Dylan Junkermeier)
DJ Daboco (aka Dylan Junkermeier), is an up-and-coming DJ/producer on the music scene. A drummer at age 5, Daboco has always stayed ahead of the music evolution curve often predicting music popularity. From early percussion to jazz, symphonic and orchestra in his background, Daboco now has very unique style of his own mixing, blending and vibing past, present, and live sounds in his sets. From weddings and parties to DJ Yoga to club settings, Daboco provides the right entertainment for any occasion.
Jahsonic (aka Jason Leutheuser)
Seeking pure vibrations and the pursuit of new styles of musical expression, my identity keeps up with the trends while bringing timeless experience and positivity to each and every gig.
Jeffery D'Amico
Jeffrey’s ability to remix music that is just right for each crowd is unparalleled. “My goal as a dj is to make sure my client’s parties are upbeat, unique and fun,” Jeffrey says. “Each event should be special and memorable.”
Thomas Gutherie
As a DJ, Thomas' mission is to provide the most pleasing, entertaining & energizing experience possible. He is skilled in understanding client requests and customizing them to fit the style and theme of the event, as well as welcoming at-event suggestions and mixing them into the recipe for fun.
Vance Parrish
Vance has produced a number of original scores for local dance companies and DJ’d many weddings, corporate events and birthday parties. Vance says, "I love being a part of someone’s special day and sharing in the joy and celebration. I specialize in custom fitting my set and MC'ing to the needs of the guests and ensuring that everyone has a great time!"